Science quiz for and by the UT

| Stan Waning

During the Week of Inspiration, a science quiz for students, employees and companies will take place on Wednesday, November 24. The organization is in the hands of Studium Generale and KIVI Students Twente, of which UT student Lieke Pullen is president. 'It promises to be a fun evening,' she says.

Why a science quiz?

Pullen: 'We want to highlight all the research that UT has to offer. The Week of Inspiration, preceding the dies natalis, is the perfect time. It's not just about research by professors, but also by teachers and students.'

Can you paint a picture of the quiz?

'The format is similar to the quiz in the television program Weet Ik Veel. We play several rounds before an audience and each round focuses on research from a particular faculty. There is also live music, we play videos, there are experiments and there is a panel of professors, which includes college president Vinod Subramaniam. They will explain various scientific topics. It will be a quiz with depth and we will play individually and in English. The presentation will be in the hands of alumnus Jeroen Mulder and a yet to be determined student.'

The quiz is playing out physically?

'True, although due to the rising corona numbers we are taking everything into account. Unfortunately, but we are flexible. We were considering a hybrid event, but because of the scientific experiments, we thought a physical quiz would be more fun. We follow the UT measures and are in constant consultation.'

Are there prizes to win?

'The winner gets a nice trophy. I'm keeping the prize a secret yet. It is a quiz for and by the UT, because we have placed a call for questions to be sent in. So alumni and students who still have a fun question about a particular research project can come forward. We will definitely take questions like that. At the end of the quiz, the best student, teacher and professor will end up together in the finals. In addition, there is a business competition. It promises to be a fun night.'

The Science Quiz is in the Atrium of the TechMed Center. The walk-in is Wednesday, November 24 at 7:00 pm. There will be drinks afterward. Those interested can register here.

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