No more social distancing at the UT

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The 1.5-metre rule belongs to the past on campus. From the new academic year onwards, students and teachers are no longer required to maintain their distance. And as of today, this also applies to all other UT employees. However, restrictions remain in place, such as a maximum group size of 75, facemasks and the advice to work from home.

This was announced by the university by email to all staff and students. It is intended to lift the 1.5-metre rule nationwide on 20 September. On campus, the rule can be dropped earlier, because the advice to work from home will remain in place for the time being, says spokesperson Laurens van der Velde. ‘This way, research and education can be carried out safely.’ The only exception is exams, he continues. There, social distancing still applies because there is no maximum of 75 people. In The Gallery, U Parkhotel and High Tech Factory, the 1.5 meter rule also remains in place for the time being.


Although most of the education will again take place on campus, some lectures will remain online. ‘Especially for the larger programmes, we are unable to provide all lectures on campus, especially now that we are limited to 75 students per classroom.’ The UT also asks its lecturers to stream or record all on-campus lectures. ‘That way, for example, students with Covid will not suffer study delays.’

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