Internet allowance with April salary

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As a compensation for working at home, all UT staff members will get a net internet allowance of €30 per month. This measure is in effect retroactively from January 2021 and employees will first receive this allowance with their April salary.

The plan to introduce a monthly internet allowance was already announced last month. Originally the allowance was meant to be paid out retroactively in autumn 2021. University employees will, however, already receive it this month.

The internet allowance is a temporary measure brought on by the corona crisis and the government’s urgent request to work from home as much as possible. It is expected to be in effect until 1 September 2021, but may be extended or lapse, depending on the situation.

The measure only applies to UT staff with a part-time or full-time employment contract. On-call workers, UT Flex’ers, Opting-in-ers and staff who are on special leave for the full scope of their employment during the entire calendar year are excluded.

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