One year of working and studying at home, how do we feel now?

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For over a year now, working and studying at home have been more the rule than the exception for the UT community. Together with research agency Newcom, U-Today is therefore once again polling the mood among students and employees. How are you doing now? And, with the end of the crisis slowly approaching, what do you expect from the future?


This survey is a follow-up to our June 2020 survey. Like then, this survey is also distributed by independent media at several universities and universities of applied sciences. Questions are again about your well-being, the ups and downs of working and studying from home and your satisfaction with the university.

Look ahead

An important addition to this follow-up survey is the glimpse into the future: what kind of situation do you expect to be in 12 months from now? Do you expect to live further away or closer to home? Will you work or study at home more often? And is digital or hybrid education here to stay?

We kindly invite you to fill in this follow-up survey, even if you did not participate in the first survey. U-Today will publish the results in the course of May.

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