Extra study spaces on campus

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Additional study places will be available at five locations on campus from this week. Specifically for this purpose, two tents will be set up on the O&O square and behind the Horst.

Photo by: Rikkert Harink

The Student Union recently reopened the Wallstreet location in the city center, where a number of study places are available. More spots will be added in the short term, because according to the Executive Board, there is a great need among students to study on campus. For this reason, extra places will be added in the University Library, Horst, Spiegel, Bastille and Ravelijn.

A tent has been set up on the O&O square and a similar tent will also be placed behind the Horst. The tent on the O&O square opens to students on Wednesday, the one behind the Horst can be used from Friday. Interested students must first make a reservation at both locations. This can be done via the Resource Booker.

In addition, boards of the associations with a boardroom on campus will have access to their rooms again from Monday. The Student Union will inform them about the procedure.

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