A pilot to reduce workload

| Michaela Nesvarova

In order to reduce workload of UT employees, the University Council (UC) sees the need to review policy from a ‘workload aware perspective’. They will start with a pilot to define a procedure for such an evaluation. This was agreed during the UC meeting today.

‘Universities, including the University of Twente, do not have a tradition of capacity management nor policy making from a workload aware perspective, but wellbeing surveys indicate that it is necessary to take workload effects seriously,’ writes the Council in its letter to the Executive Board.

That is why the UC aims to ‘start a pilot in order to develop a way of working that contributes in assessing, controlling and/or reducing workload and, in general, improve wellbeing’. This morning, the Council and the Board agreed to set up a working group that will prepare the pilot. The group, which should consist of UC members including students, should be formed by the end of the year.

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