University College ATLAS in ‘lockdown’

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About sixty students of University College Twente ATLAS are currently in isolation or self-quarantine due to a corona outbreak. They are spread over four locations, including the recently renovated Drienerburght.

Photo made in Drienerburght

‘Actually, the entire University College is in lockdown because of this,’ says ATLAS dean Mieke Boon. ‘No physical education is currently taking place. Many students chose to self-quarantine to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. The students who have already tested positive are in isolation. Because everyone is in quarantine, they can also take care of each other.’

Fortunately, the Covid-19 symptoms among the positively tested students are fairly mild, Boon wants to add. ‘We hope that this lockdown of University College will prevent a larger outbreak of the virus. It remains to be seen for a while.’

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