SBD to become a service department

| Rense Kuipers

Strategic Business Development can become a service department. The University Council unanimously agreed to the plans this morning, including two commitments agreed to by the Executive Board: an evaluation after two years and the instalment of a participation body within SBD.

Photo by: Frans Nikkels
The Executive Board during the University Council meeting in September. Today, the meeting took place over Teams.

Before the summer, the council already advised positively on the plans of SBD to become their own service department. Today, the student fractions of the university council was allowed to advice on the organisational change, the employees were allowed to vote on the matter. No objections were made, so the proposal passed both swiftly and almost silently.

Almost silently, because the council did ask the Executive Board for two commitments: to evaluate this organisational change after two years, like is done in all other cases. And to install a participation body (dienstraad in Dutch, ed.) within the new service department – which is also common in other service departments, like LISA, CFM, CES and M&C.

The council also gave a few advices to the executive board, to make sure the new department does what it is supposed to do: tread the flexible shell of employees at SBD cautiously, SBD should develop criteria to define whether the organization is successful. Also, the council advices to reconsider the existence of the service department if there is no substantial increase in project budget that can be co-attributed to SBD.

Executive Board chairman Victor van der Chijs happily agreed to the commitments and advices by the council, stating: ‘We appreciate the positive attitude and advices from the council. Accountability is crucial, therefore we will take over these advices.’


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