Executive Board to hardworking homeworkers: take a break

| Rense Kuipers

The Executive Board frees up half an hour in their agenda each working day around lunchtime. With this gesture, the board hopes to set a 'good example' to people working non-stop from home. The initiative fits in with the central work from home policy that is in preparation.

A familiar sight in times of crisis: hurried colleagues behind their screens with a sandwich in their hand, de facto skipping their lunch. According to the Executive Board, this is not the intention. 'On the contrary, it is important to get enough rest and enough exercise,' says Corona spokesperson Laurens van der Velde. 'But you can see that it's precisely those things that slip through the cracks. That's why the Executive Board wants to encourage UT staff to take a break from their computers. The board members themselves have already adapted their agendas to it.'

Working from home policy

It is to be expected that the corona crisis - and with it the devise to work from home as much as possible - will continue for some time. For that reason, a UT-wide working from home policy will soon be introduced. 'To ensure that working from home is correct in every possible way, for example in terms of occupational health and safety, functionality and well-being. We are also looking at the central purchasing of working from home equipment,' says Van der Velde.

The policy is still in its early stages and it is still unknown when the plan will be ready, according to Van der Velde. 'The working group responsible has only met twice, so we will have to be patient for a while.'

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