Concerns about international students

| HOP, Bas Belleman

International students don't have an easy time in the corona crisis. They get into financial problems and don't get enough information in English, according to student organizations.

'We have brought international students to the Netherlands in large numbers,' says Alex Tess Rutten of the National Student Union (LSVb). Now that they're in trouble, we have to take care of them too'.

The international students often lose their jobs, is mentioned in a joint press release of LSVb, ISO and the Erasmus Student Network. Some cannot fall back on the support of their parents if they also lose their jobs during the crisis. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to pay tuition fees and rent. 

Central website

The students should at least get good information about covid-19, according to Kees Gillesse of the Dutch National Student Association (ISO). 'The government makes decisions that have an impact on international students. There should be one central, up-to-date, English-language website for that purpose.'

After graduation, internationals from outside Europe can also get into trouble, because they have to find a job within a year. There is no support plan for this group yet. Last night, government party D66 asked questions in Parliament about the position of international students and knowledge migrants.

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