No education on Friday, UT is considering measures for coming weeks

| Rik Visschedijk

There will be no physical education at the UT tomorrow and no exams will be taken, because of the corona virus, states UT chairman Victor van der Chijs. He calls on employees who can work from home in consultation with colleagues to do so. The crisis team will consider further measures on Friday March 13.

Photo by: Arjan Reef

Minister Bruno Bruins sent a letter to parliament this evening. In it, he calls on universities and universities of applied sciences to only provide distance education with online alternatives until March 31. Shortly afterwards, the VSNU published the message that the universities are implementing this wherever possible. The UT crisis team sent an e-mail to employees earlier this evening.

Small-scale practical lessons

‘Tomorrow we will look at what exactly is logical and sensible’, says Van der Chijs. ‘We may be able to continue certain small-scale practical lessons next week. These days we are also looking into whether we can completely switch to digital education. We do this separately in each course. Of course we have been exploring options in recent days. The bandwidth at the UT can handle digital education, but we will have to make some adjustments here and there to switch completely.’

No more than a hundred people

The library, research facilities and canteens will remain open for the time being. ‘But we make sure that no more than a hundred people are gathered’, says Van der Chijs. ‘I also appeal to the common sense of colleagues. We will also look at room by room to see which measures are appropriate. For example, I can imagine that we only make the TechMed Center accessible to employees, because people who work in healthcare often come there.’ The sports activities in the Sports Center are also suspended.

Working from home

The crisis team is considering guidelines for working from home. ‘For now, we recommend anyone who can work from home in close consultation with colleagues to do so’, says Van der Chijs. ‘That may not be possible for everyone, because they don't have a laptop or iPad from the UT. We are purchasing that equipment at an accelerated pace, but it will take some time. Of course we hope the virus will be past its peak in one or two weeks, but we take note that it could take longer.’

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