Trees are being cut down

| Rik Visschedijk

The sound of roaring motor saws. Cranes make sure that falling trees do not fall on parked cars. The trees are cut down on the grounds around the Hogekamp building to make room for the square and the parking area around the future student housing and the U-Parkhotel.

Field manager André de Brouwer says that some 100 to 125 trees are being cut down to enable the realization of the square and the parking around the Hogekamp. ‘We're going to re-plant about the same number again’, he says. 'This will be at the edges of the forest, but also on the future square and the parking harbors. We want to preserve the green character of the campus.’ Some of the trees were already on the nomination to be cut down. 'The storm in january has damaged a number of trees', according to De Brouwer.

The trees are piled up and processed on Friday. 'We will make the branches small with a chipper. They go to the incinerator or are prepared as pallet grains. We receive a CO2 certificate for this. The trees with value, such as a number of oaks, we will saw to size. They go to the furniture industry, for example, where they get a second life.'  


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