First speakers at CuriousU Summer School announced

| Rense Kuipers

The organizers of CuriousU, a summer school taking the form of a science festival, have announced the first speakers at the event. Neuro-illusionist Victor Mids, the co-founder of the Mars One project Bas Lansdorp and former CEO of Kees Koolen will be among the speakers on campus during the eight-day summer school, which will take place from 11 to 18 August.

Tickets for the summer school, which is primarily aimed at international students, went on sale this week. The current ticket price is € 550. On 1 May, the price will rise to € 750 per person.

Neuro-illusionist Victor Mids is well known for his Mindf*ck TV show. On the first evening of the CuriousU summer school, he will be demonstrating how easy it is to fool your own brain and senses. UT alumnus Bas Lansdorp co-founded the Mars One project, which aims to establish a human settlement on Mars. UT alumnus Kees Koolen, former CEO of UT spin-off company, will be telling his audience about the success of the holiday reservations website.

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