Classroom of the future opened

| Paul de Kuyper

The Classroom of the Future in the Gallery had its kick-off lecture this morning. Students industrial engineering & management (IEM) and business & IT (BIT) were the very first to use the interactive lecture room, which is equipped with twenty giant touchscreens and a large videowall.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

This quarter second-year students of IEM and BIT will follow classes of the module ‘From productdesign to online business’, during which they have to start a webshop.

Idea from Stanford

Initiator professor Jos van Hillegersberg adopted the idea for an interactive lecture room during a visit to Stanford University, he said Tuesday morning at the start of his lecture in the classroom of the future. ‘In Stanford they have a magnificent Design Lab, like we have, but it has struck me that students do a lot of work with scissors and glue. We will work online as much as possible. That will make us leading in interactive project education.’