UT Professor Nauta to become Simon Stevin Meester

| Paul de Kuyper

Professor Bram Nauta will receive the Simon Stevin Meester 2014 title, the highest award for technical scientific research in the Netherlands. The prize, which is presented by the STW Technology Foundation, consists of a 500,000 euro grant, to be used for research purposes.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

The annual Simon Stevin Meester award is granted to top-class academics who are able to combine excellent research with valorization of the research results for the benefit of society. Nauta receives the award because of his groundbreaking integrated circuits (chips) designs.

Professor Nauta has, for instance, designed chips which make mobile phones more economical and improve data transport. His department also recently invented an application which is able to suppress noise entering aerials. Nauta expects this product to be used in laptops and tablets within two years.

33 patents

Nauta is a big name within his field of study. He has no less than 33 patents to his name and offers advice to chip manufacturers in Europa, the United States and Asia. During the previous seven years, he received an STW grant for 15 research projects. Last year, his department was evaluated as being one of world's top departments in the field of chips and circuits.

Despite this track record, the Simon Stevin Meester title came as a complete surprise to Nauta. "Because I solely conduct research focused on possible future applications, I never thought I would receive any academic award. It is an important recognition of my work to receive this prestigious prize."

Six previous winners

Previously, six other UT academics were awarded this title. Dave Blank was the last UT researcher to receive the prize three years ago. Before him, Detlef Lohse (2009), Albert van den Berg (2002), Cock Lodder (2002), Miko Elwenspoek (1998) and David Reinhoudt (1998) had also been honoured with this special award.

Nauta will be given the award during the annual STW conference which will be held on 2 October.