Food festival promotes Indonesian food and culture

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On the 22nd of May, PPIE, the Indonesian Student Association Enschede will organize an Indonesian Foodfestival at the UT. Marloes van Amerom chats with PPIE member Mohammad Anggasta Paramartha to find out what’s it all about.

Why is this festival organized?

'Generally speaking, we want to promote Indonesian food and culture. But we also have other goals. We hope to foster good relationships with local Indonesians in Enschede, as well as between Indonesian, Dutch and international students. And celebrate the joy of the spring!'

What are examples of popular Indonesian dishes or meals?

'Satay Ajam (chicken satay) is already quite famous here, even the Waaier canteen sells it. This dish consists of seasoned, skewered and grilled chicken, served with various seasonings, typically peanut or soy sauce.

Another type of dish is Nasi Koening: yellow rice with fried chicken, noodles, cucumber, scrambled eggs, and hot sambal; the yellow color comes from turmeric. This food is usually served during special events as a symbol of good fortune, wealth, and dignity.'

But the Indonesian cuisine also has numerous snacks, desserts and drinks.

What food can visitors to the festival expect?

'A big meal, snacks, and a dessert. The desserts are sweet ice drinks, perfect for a hot summer day!'

Are there any costs involved?

'Entry is free-of-charge and visitors will also get free drinks. For the food, visitors have to pay 5 Euro per big meal, 1.5 Euro for a snack and 1 Euro for a dessert.'

Will there also be other activities like music?

'There won't be any live music or band performances, but we will play some Indonesian music to cheer you. There will be an eating contest as well, so you can participate and try Indonesian food for free, and you could win interesting prize, if you turn out to be the fastest! There will also be a dance performance by Indonesian students (namely Saman Dance, also known as the Dance of Thousand Hands), and a flashmob dance will be organized in which everybody can participate.'

Why should all UT-ers come?

'To experience new culture! Indonesian food and culture is quite famous in Netherlands and also very delicious. Besides that visitors can also have a picnic, meet their or new friends, or just look around since there entry is free.'

The Indonesian Food Festival entitled Colourful Indonesia takes places on the Vrijhof Lawn between 5:00 and 700 pm on Wednesday the 22nd of May. Interested in joining this event? Then simply drop by that evening or check out the PPIE’s Facebook page for some further information.

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