Rapping Britt chases her dream with album 'Campus'

| Stan Waning

UT student Britt Heuker of Hoek (20) recently released her first music album, called Campus. In fifteen rap songs, the psychology student reflects on the dilemma between chasing dreams or choosing the safe option.

She was about fourteen years old when she started writing lyrics for rap songs. But also record and sing those lyrics? Heuker or Hoek didn't dare to do that yet. 'Besides, I didn't have any equipment yet. About three years ago – about the time I started studying – I was a bit more confident and dared to record songs.'

Rap album

That step led to Heuker of Hoek – who recently successfully completed her bachelor's degree in psychology – releasing her first rap album in December. Named after UT ground: 'Campus'. The storyline in the album deals with the doubt between jumping into a deep car and chasing your dreams, or choosing the safe option. 'The lyrics reflect how I experience life. The UT campus is the place where those two storylines come together for me.'

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Where Heuker or Hoek herself stands in that dilemma? 'I think in between. I'm going to focus on music for the next six months to pursue my dream: to break through in the hip-hop world. At the same time, I'd also like to do a master's, but I'm postponing that for a while.'

The album starts with an intro, called Application. In it, Heuker or Hoek raps about two types of application letters. Later in the album, those lines come together. In the first weeks after its release, the listening figures were good. 'And that also applies to the reactions in my surroundings. My family and friends really enjoy that I'm doing this', says the artist.

American producers

For Heuker or Hoek, the coming period will be all about practicing as much as possible, developing her own style, listening to music for hours and trying to stand out. 'I share a lot via social media and try to make connections, because I don't make beats myself. Promoting is getting better and better and I have some nice collaborations with American producers. It's hard to stand out without a label or money for promotion, so I put a lot of time into it. I distinguish myself by rapping in English, which you don't see much in the Netherlands, which is why American connections are so important.'

Heuker of Hoek has not yet promoted her music at the UT. 'Maybe a little out of insecurity?' She hopes that in time she will be able to make a golden connection, which will eventually allow her to tour the world. 'Being a full-time artist and breaking through in America, that would be great. If I succeed, I'm afraid I won't be able to do a master's anymore, but I'm willing to do that.'

'Campus' can  be listened to here (via Spotify).

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