| Michaela Nesvarova | Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

CuriousU is back!

CuriousU is back at the University of Twente. The third edition of this summer school in festival style started today and it welcomed more than 300 participants from all over the world. The main idea behind CuriousU is to provide a new way of education by organizing a festival of science and learning, and so it includes a lot more than just academic courses. The students can enjoy inspiring lectures over breakfast, parties, tours and other fun activities, including a virtual reality parachute. Intrigued?

Every morning begins with breakfast and an inspirational lecture.

The first morning of the 2017 CuriousU was kicked off by Ed Brinksma, the former rector of the University of Twente.

And after some coffee and a meal it's time for the courses, which are taking place all over the campus. 

In between courses the students can enjoy a number of fun activities. Today it was the virtual reality parachute. 

The students have a full program, and so they deserve some rest...


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