Blog: Every goodbye hurts

| Lennart Borau

My name is Lennart Borau, a German Bachelor’s student of Communication Science. Currently I am living my personal dream of being able to live in Brazil. In this blog, I will keep you updated about my experiences in this place 10.000 kilometres from home.

I'm sitting here with a laughing and a crying eye. A crying one because my time in the beautiful city of Curitiba is over. And a laughing one, because fortunately my time in Brazil hasn’t come to an end, yet.

Of course, every goodbye hurts in a way, but this one especially. All the memories I made, all the people I met and all the things I experienced here in Brazil were somehow connected to the city of Curitiba. I only lived there for three and a half months, but even in this short amount of time this lovely place became my home and my base. This is where I could rest from my travels on the weekends and where I even loved the Mondays until Fridays, because my work for the university did not feel like work.

It all began with the excitement of the first weeks, about the amazing culture of Curitiba. It seemed to me like a mosaic of cultures, which somehow manages to live in peace and to respect each other. I took amazing trips with my roommates Hanna and Els to Foz do Iguaçu and Morretes. And most importantly, I made good friends along the way.

With one of those new friends – his name is Fabio – I am now sitting in São Paulo. We already spent some time with my German friends here, and we showed him around. Right now, we are staying a few more days at a friend of his mum’s in the centre of this amazing city.

As I said, fortunately my time here in Brazil is not over, yet. Fabio and I will meet some good friends from Curitiba along the route. Curitiba might be over now, and some goodbyes there truly hurt, but I can look back on this comparably short amount of time and say: I enjoyed every moment of it!

Also to you guys, I will not have to say goodbye yet! While this entry already felt a bit like it, you will have to read another one, filled with some nice stories from 'on the road'. Be curious!