'I thought Eindhoven was too close and Delft too big'

| Stan Waning

Hundreds of students will get to know the University of Twente during the Kick-In. Who are they, where are they from and do they look forward to it? With U-Today you'll get to know a first-year student every day during the introductory period. Today: Simone Bertels (18) from North Brabant, bachelor student Industrial Design.

Simone Bertels (18).

Why did you choose Twente?

'I quickly found out what direction I was going in and I wanted to study something technical. Then there are actually three possibilities. I am from Uden and that is not far from the University of Eindhoven, but I found that too close. TU Delft was too big for me, so Enschede remained. That may sound negative, but I don't mean it that way at all. Enschede is a conscious choice for a slightly smaller city, but one that is very suitable for students.'

Already found a place to live?

'Definitely, I have a room just outside the centre of Enschede. The search was not so bad. Actually, I started looking far too late, only after my exams. Once I started looking, I found a place pretty quickly.'

What is your first impression?

'The first impression is excellent. As you can see, I am still searching, but it is nice that I am not the only one walking around. In any case, my feeling is good. I consciously chose to leave my safe bubble in Uden and I still stand behind that. I would like to undertake new things.'

Are you going to join an association?

'That is the intention. I would like to join student association Audentis. I saw their tent already and that association appeals to me. I also like to do athletics. I think there is an association for that as well, so I think I will become a member of that too.'

What are you dreading?

'No, not at all. I am mainly excited about starting this adventure.'

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