'I'm going to miss not living in a big city'

| Stan Waning

Hundreds of students will get to know the University of Twente during the Kick-In. Who are they, where are they from and do they look forward to it? With U-Today you'll get to know a first-year student every day during the introductory period. Today: Lucas Pétavy (18) from France, bachelor student Mechanical Engineering.

Lucas Pétavy (18).

Why did you choose Twente?

'The honest answer is that I actually wanted to study Aerospace Engineering in Delft, but unfortunately I didn't make the selection. So I had to come up with something else and Mechanical Engineering in Enschede was my back-up. That sounds as if I am not happy at all and that this is a lesser choice, but that is not the case. I'm really looking forward to my study period here.'

Already found a place to live?

'No, not yet. This week I am sleeping in the U Parkhotel. I find it very difficult to find something, because some of the options that come along are really a joke. A friend of mine is going to study at Saxion, so we will try to find something together. But whether you look alone or together, it remains difficult.'

What do you expect from your time as a student?

'I hope to learn a lot, both within the study and personally. I have never lived alone outside a big city. That is something I have to get used to. My parents are from France, but I grew up in London, which explains my accent. I also lived in Amsterdam for three years, so Enschede is totally different. Fortunately, I speak a little bit of Dutch, which is an advantage.'

What is your first impression?

'The campus is beautiful, that is the first thing I noticed. I have only just arrived, so I cannot say very much yet. What strikes me is that there are so many associations. I think I will join Ludica, because I love to play tennis. Study association Isaac Newton also seems fun.'

What are you dreading?

'I'm going to miss not living in a big city. I am used to living between tall buildings and it is always busy around me, it will be different here. I hope there will be many terraces in the city to choose from.'

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