'People stopped me from vaccinating'

| Stan Waning

Hundreds of students will get to know the University of Twente during the Kick-In. Who are they, where are they from and do they look forward to it? U-Today lets you get to know a first-year student every day during the introductory period. Today: Atipaishe Mutendera (19) from Zimbabwe, bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

Atipaishe Mutendera (19).

Why did you choose Twente?

'The university seemed attractive to me, the programme of study appealed to me and the UT supports foreign students well. I consulted my parents and went for it.'

Found a place to live yet?

'Definitely. I applied and accommodation was quickly arranged. I got a nice place on campus, which I am very happy about.'

What do you expect from your time as a student?

'I hope to learn and enjoy a lot. During your years at university you have to do everything you can and want to, so I want to seize every opportunity to develop myself.'

Will you join a student association?

'If I find something nice: absolutely. I will also join the hockey association. In Zimbabwe I always played hockey with my friends.'

Have you been vaccinated?

'Fully. In Zimbabwe, it was not easy to get vaccinated. Here, almost everyone is in favour of vaccinating, but in Zimbabwe they literally stopped me. People find vaccinating suspicious there, but luckily it worked.'

What is your first impression?

'I am overwhelmed. These are my first days in the Netherlands and on campus. In Zimbabwe, almost everyone is black, here almost everyone is white. My impression is that everyone is cool here, even though I was shocked by the large number of students on campus.'

What are you going to do in the first few months here anyway?

'I will definitely join several associations. Furthermore, I want to do as much as possible as soon as possible, to develop myself to the maximum.'

What are you dreading?

'Failing my studies. So I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen.'

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