Theme Kick-In 2024: Unlock the Unknown

| Stan Waning

'Unlock the Unknown', is the theme of Kick-In 2024. The induction committee announced the theme in a special show last night. This year's induction period will take place from Wednesday 21 August to Thursday 29 August.


The committee chose the theme because they believe it fits well with the purpose of the introductory period and the start of studies at UT. 'When you start studying, a new phase of your life begins. You get to know new people, a new city and new activities you enjoy. This makes you get to know a new side of yourself. You face the unknown. The introduction week fits this perfectly,' the committee said.

Not much is yet known about the details of the programme, which will be filled in over the next few months. The committee's focus right now is mainly on the Winter Kick-In.

You can watch the announcement of the theme here

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