Create Tomorrow returns after three years of physical absence

| Stan Waning

Create Tomorrow will return in the spring of 2023. The student think tank was in jeopardy after three years of physical absence and a lack of new committee members. Peter Dieleman (20), a technical medicine student, rises up to the challenge and hopes to revive old times.

A year ago, the curtains seemed to have closed for Create Tomorrow. Now there is a new edition on the agenda. What has changed?

‘The event did not occur in-person in 2020 and 2021, last year there was no committee to find. This was partly because covid regulations made it difficult to organise the event each time. When I - and four other active students - saw the after movie of a previous edition, we were immediately overjoyed and sold to pick up Create Tomorrow again. The fact that we will be back as before in May 2023 is also the spearhead.'

Will the event be the same as before the covid pandemic?

'In 2020, it was ideated to expand the event to two days. We want to pursue that ambition. Whether that will go in combination with the UT Challenge is not yet clear. The ambition is to become a stand-alone event. We will make use of the tent on the Ganzeveld, where other big events, such as Hardfest and the Liberation Festival, will also be held in those weeks.'

And contentwise? This is the ideal opportunity add your personal touch to Create Tomorrow.

'Indeed, we are now in a position to bring in our own vision, but in broad strokes, the event remains similar. The think tank is central with four social themes, complemented by entertainment and great speakers. We want to give more of our own interpretation to the first day, but what remains is that it is all about inspiration and connection between students and companies. The second day will remain as it was. Then we will also announce the winner with the best idea for a case from the business community.'

The last physical occurrence was in 2019. Are you not afraid that the business community has dropped out by now?

'I am confident that companies will be present. That is a healthy ambition for us. For companies - which are often eager for staff - Create Tomorrow is relevant. This is the easiest way to get in touch with a large group of students. Conversely, students do not always dare to take the step towards entrepreneurs, especially if you do not yet see a gap in the market. Create Tomorrow provides an accessible and non-committal platform for students to get in touch with entrepreneurship and innovation in a playful way. That's what we are going to give our all in the coming months.'

Create Tomorrow will take place on 2 and 3 May 2023 at the Ganzeveld. More information can be found here.


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