Sustainability Series: ‘Raise awareness in a fun way’

| Marie Klinge

Green Hub Twente, SUSTAIN and the DesignLab have joined forces to organise the Sustainability Series for the next four months. Each month they arrange workshops, evening activities, and discussions to inform students and staff about sustainability ‘in a fun way’.

To raise awareness and evoke small changes amongst the UT community, Green Hub Twente, sustainability association SUSTAIN and the DesignLab introduced this four-month series. ‘Spreading awareness will always make a difference’, says Isabella Villamil Corredor from Green Hub Twente, one of the organisers. ‘We want people to be able to change something in their everyday life. Small changes in life can make a big impact on the planet. But you cannot change something you don’t know about. We really just hope to start a discussion.’


She exemplifies: ‘Did you know avocados have a high water footprint? I never knew and was shocked when I found out. That means they are not good for the environment. I always thought, since all the vegans eat them, they must be so good.’

Villamil Corredor gives another example why awareness is important. ‘When people do not know that there is a second-hand clothing store in Enschede, they won’t go. But when they know that there is one, they might go and check it out.’

Clothing swap and movie night

Every month, the focus will be on a different worldwide sustainability issue. For this month of April, they organise a clothing swap and clothing workshop, a movie night with the movie ‘The True Cost’, and a panel discussion with experts. All under the topic of ‘Fast Fashion’. In May the topic will be ‘Water and Oceans’, in June ‘Working conditions and social justice’ and in July ‘Sustainability at the UT’.


The organisers want the Sustainability series to be both approachable and – above all – fun. ‘Symposia are more professional and company based, while the Sustainability Series is more fun. This is closer to the people themselves. That’s what we aim for: here is a problem, this is what you can do. But all of it in a fun way.’


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