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How often do you - as a student or employee at UT - see transgressive behaviour happen? Do you have personal experiences with it? What do you do about it? With this survey, U-Today wants to map out transgressive behavior at the UT.

We really need your help to fill out this survey, because with your input we will make the topic even more discussable at the UT. For example, what are your ideas for preventing and responding to transgressive behaviour?

U-Today is conducting this survey in cooperation with Newcom. This independent agency is ISO 27001 certified and meets the highest security standards. You can rest assured that your answers are anonymous and secure. Nowhere can answers be traced back to individuals. The results of the survey will be used for journalistic productions of U-Today. You can choose to leave your e-mail address or telephone number at the end, so that we can contact you with follow-up questions if necessary.

Other university and college journals are also currently conducting similar research on transgressive behaviour. We will share the results through our channels as soon as possible.

If you experience any negative thoughts or feelings while completing the survey, please feel free to stop. It may be beneficial to contact a confidant about this. The Center for Sexual Violence offers help to anyone who has experienced an unwanted sexual experience. You can chat for free and anonymously or call 0800-0188.


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