Two UT students in Russia, three employees in Ukraine

| Stan Waning

Three UT employees are currently in Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia last Thursday. No UT students are in that country, but two students are still in Russia.

This information was provided by spokesperson Bertyl Lankhaar on behalf of the Executive Board. She also indicated that the UT is assessing various collaborations with Russian partners 'in light of the developments'. The UT hopes to continue academic cooperations as much as possible. 'Because academic freedom is something we hold in high esteem and that is and remains necessary, even during an armed conflict.'

Emotional support

Last week, the board already expressed support for people who in some way feel personal involvement in the situation in Ukraine. 'For Ukrainians and Russian members of our community. We sympathize with them, but also with others who have experienced excessive violence up close and are struggling with feelings of fear, anger or grief. For help, they should turn to their student advisor or supervisor to see what is needed and to assess what we as UT can offer. This may include practical issues, but also emotional support.'

The UT is also thinking along with students and employees who will experience consequences when Russian banks are no longer able to access SWIFT. This could mean that Russians will no longer have access to their account(s). 'We are in contact with them and are trying to think along with them about possible solutions.'

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