UT professor Tanya Bondarouk is board member of LNVH

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Professor Tanya Bondarouk has been appointed to the board of the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH). The UT scientist is fulfilling this role as of the 1st of November.

The goal of the Dutch Network of Women Professors is to promote equal representation of women within the academic community. Professor Bondarouk is the first UT researcher in fifteen years to be granted a seat on the LNVH board. Before her, professor Carla Millar was on the board.

Tanya Bondarouk is Professor of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Technology at the University of Twente and the leader of the HRM research group. She has worked at the UT since 1999, when she began her PhD research here. She has worked as an HRM scientist in Twente ever since and became a full professor in 2014.

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