Back to the office, facemask no longer mandatory

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Employees may return to the office, the facemask is no longer mandatory, but the one and a half meter distance remains. The UT is also easing up as of Saturday, June 26. In the meantime, however, a 'fallback scenario' is being worked on.

The email that the UT sent this morning to all its employees and students is laced with optimism, but it also echoes caution. 

The most important relaxation is that employees can return to the office. However, the 1.5 meter rule remains in place. Departments and managers are to make agreements with each other about this. 

In any case, a number of rooms where ventilation is not in order will remain closed. Furthermore, as of this weekend it is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask, again on condition that the one and a half meter distance is maintained. The Executive Board expresses the wish in her email that all employees and students will be vaccinated as soon as possible.

The easing of the measures do not yet lead to any changes in the tail end of this college year. Classes and exams will continue as planned. However, larger groups can meet again. Students or staff who want to organize something should notify the events office.  

For the new academic year, the UT is putting together a plan in which there will be classes without restrictions. Most lectures must then take place on campus. This also applies to most of the Kick-In activities, although some will remain online. There may be something organized for second-year students, as there was little possible for this group last year.

Meanwhile, the UT is working on a 'fallback scenario' - commissioned by the government - should the number of infections rise. In that case, a large part of the educational activities will continue online. On August 13, the UT will know whether such a scenario is necessary.

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