UT students to pay tuition fees in more instalments

| Michaela Nesvarova

Starting in spring 2022, UT students should be able to spread out the payment of their tuition fees some more. The Executive Board has agreed to accommodate this wish of the University Council, in order to ease the financial stress of students.

The Council requested the Executive Board to raise the number of tuition fee instalments from five to ten or twelve. That means UT students would pay their tuition fees monthly, rather than for 2.4 months at a time.

In their letter to the Board, the University Council (UC) argued that the number of instalments needs to be increased, because of ‘the current number of instalments, there is immense pressure on the student to keep the finances healthy’. While most students support their education with ‘Studiefinanciering’ from DUO, produced by DUO to the students every month, they have to pay the UT for over two months ahead. The Council also pointed out that other universities in the Netherlands already offer their students to pay in more instalments.

The Council has advised the UT Executive Board to investigate the possibilities to increase the number of installments from five to 10/12 from spring (March) 2022. In a short response during the UC meeting today, rector Tom Veldkamp agreed with the suggestion. ‘We looked into it and we will accommodate this. The finance department has already discussed it.’

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