Vidi grant for two UT researchers

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UT researchers Tatiana Filatova and Rebecca Saive both received a Vidi grant from Dutch research financer NWO. Out of 503 submissions, NWO awarded the grants worth a maximum of €800.000 to 81 researchers.

Left: Rebecca Saive, right: Tatiana Filatova.

Tatiana Filatova, who received an NWO Veni grant in 2011 and an ERC Starting Grant in 2017, now receives a Vidi grant for her climate-related research. In her project ‘A social tipping point’, she wants to look at past transformations following disasters and develop computational models, to understand social tipping points and better inform climate adaptation policy assessments.

Rebecca Saive, recently named one of the ‘Innovators Under 35’ by MIT Technology Review, receives a Vidi grant for her research into Light-controlled nanosystems. In her project, she will design materials systems that deform and move when light reaches them. She wants to find out whether these systems can enable driving of nanorobots and membranes for application in medicine and solar energy conversion.

The Vidi grant is part of NWO’s Talent Programme (Veni-Vidi-Vici). The personal grants are tailored to various phases in researchers' scientific careers. The (second largest) Vidi grant, which can amount to a maximum of €800.000, is intended for more experienced researchers.

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