‘Soon side by side in the pub again’

| Rense Kuipers

P.K.v.V. Fact, the umbrella organisation of the four largest student associations in Enschede, is launching a corona campaign aimed at students. The slogan 'That's why I do it’ should create extra awareness. Fact chairman Joyce Rops explains what the campaign is about.

Why this initiative?

We fall under our own umbrella, the LKvV. Together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Association of Universities and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, they came up with the initiative to launch a campaign to make young people more aware of the importance of complying with the corona regulations. It is a personalised campaign per student city. We therefore made the local translation to Enschede.'

How did you set this up?

'In addition to an online campaign, we distribute posters in the city centre, on campus and in the student houses. We use local students, who convey their personal message as to why they adhere to the measures. For example, to be able to stand side by side in the pub again. Or to travel freely again.'

Why is this the right tone for Enschede students?

'Student life, especially within the associations, has been hit hard by the crisis. These are personal quotes from peers, who share what they look forward to: the joys of student life. We think that's more helpful than an institutional or government message. And it's a small world in Enschede, so we think that recognising the students on the posters also helps as a reminder to stick to the measures. We think it's especially important to focus on awareness, because you notice that students think a little easier about the severity of the virus. They become less ill and therefore want to continue to visit their friends. Admittedly, that's also a logical reflex.'

During the 'second wave', the accusing finger points at young people and students. Fair or unfair?

‘I’m a bit hesitant to make any statement about that. In my immediate environment, I know that there are many students who neatly follow the rules. And there will always be people who break or ignore the rules. Whatever the case, the accusing finger is there, we can't escape it. But pointing and blaming does not help. With this campaign we want to approach students in a positive way and remind them of what they are doing it all for.'

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