UT’s Sports Centre partially closed

| Redactie

Due to insufficient ventilation and air circulation, three halls in the UT’s Sports Centre have been closed. Halls SC1, SC3 and SC4 cannot be used for sports or educational activities for the time being.

It was decided to close the halls after further testing of the ventilation and air circulation was conducted in the Sports Center on campus. Adjustments will be made in the rooms SC1 and SC4 and these halls are planned to be reopened on the 21st of September. Hall SC3 will not be used in the coming period. The testing has shown that it is not possible, at short notice, to improve the ventilation and air circulation in the hall up to the required standards.

The other halls in the Sports Centre, the dojo and the indoor pool, have been examined as well. These areas can be used according to schedule. The fitness hall and sports canteen will be tested later this week. Until then they remain in use with the (current) limited capacity. The UT is now looking into alternative locations for activities scheduled in the Sports Center.

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