UT starts diversity and inclusion office

| Rense Kuipers

The UT is planning to set up a central diversity and inclusion office for both students and employees. Starting in September, a diversity officer will be tasked to take the first steps to improve the university’s policy on diversity and inclusion.

The office will be part of the General Affairs department. Initially starting with one employee in September, the office is meant to centrally coordinate all the UT’s efforts regarding diversity and inclusion. Among other tasks, the yet to be appointed diversity officer will have to take stock of existing diversity initiatives at the UT, strengthen and develop existing networks and collaborations and promote awareness on diversity and inclusion.

The UT did have a diversity policy officer before, who started in 2007. The function was mostly focused on gender equality and the career development of female staff, but was moved from a central position to be embedded in the faculties. The function dissolved in 2014.

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