Think and talk about bigger questions in life

| Jennifer Cutinha

The Christian student associations in Enschede, NSE, Alpha, VGST and RSK are organizing different talks as part of the Passion Week. The first lecture was held at De Stek yesterday and attracted around hundred attendees. Under the theme ‘Human’ statements like under pressure, science only and all alone will be addressed.

The Passion Week is a series of lunch and evening talks that is being organized in different student cities throughout Europe and for the first time in Enschede. According to Nick Van Den Berg, chairman Passion Week team Twente, this event seems to be growing in the Netherlands with nine events to occur this year.

‘I saw that the Passion Week was being conducted in most student cities and I thought why not in Enschede,’ Van den Berg says. ‘I think it is important for students to think and talk about the bigger questions in life and the potential answers that could be answered by faith.’

Although the talks offer a Christian outlook, Van den Berg thinks that the discussions that arise from the theme and statements is what truly matters. ‘In my opinion, it is more important to converse with people about their thoughts and how they currently live.’

The evening talk was hosted by Klaas Hoekstra, a Master Student at the University of Twente and Frederich Boersema, organizer of National Passion Week events. The lecture addressed the topic of loneliness with the speakers narrating their personal experiences and was followed by a round of questions.

This series of lectures will continue until the 16th of May.

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