UT organizes a special evening for refugees

| Jennifer Cutinha

The University of Twente presents in collaboration with Connecting Hands a special evening aimed at refugees who wish to embark on their educational journey. The event is on the 14th of November at DesignLab.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

The program provides refugees the necessary information about the study opportunities present at the University of Twente. In addition to this, it will also introduce them to other higher educational institutes in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The program also provides a platform for the refugees to share their thoughts and ask questions to the representatives of the different organizations involved.

‘The university is trying to make it easier for ambitious refugees who wish to continue their studies,’ says Maria Elmeidaa, Head of External Affairs of Connecting Hands, a Student Union committee. ‘The event is in line with the initiative of the university to let the refugees know the study opportunities they have and what they need to enrol themselves into the programs they are interested in.’


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