UT student in Forbes list

| Jelle Posthuma

CreaTe student Anand Chowdhary is listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. The list features ‘300 young innovators and disruptors across 10 categories’. Chowdhary is in the Social Entrepreneurs category.


Earlier this year Chowdhary (20) was listed in the fifty most innovative young entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands of the Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad (FD)’. The UT student is in his first year of Creative Technology. ‘I didn’t know I was nominated,’ says Chowdhary. ‘When I was in the FD list, they told me before. The Forbes list came as a surprise. I was nominated by someone, but I don’t know who it was. It is a crazy big deal: Forbes is a globally known magazine.’

Break down barriers

From the nominees, a list of 300 was drawn up by a professional jury. Chowdhary was nominated for his company Oswald Labs, together with cofounder Nishant Gadihoke. With their enterprise they want to break down barriers and make information on the internet available for everybody, by offering a free online reading tool. It is the third year that the Asian list is announced. America, Europe and Africa have their own Forbes 30 under 30.

Next decade

The young student heard the news last night. ‘I got the news by mail,’ he says. ‘After that I couldn’t sleep. I was hoping to be on the list in six or seven years from now, that was my goal. Now I don’t know what my focus should be. I have to think of something for the next decade.’

The 300 young entrepreneurs have been invited by Forbes to a summit in Hongkong, for ‘an exclusive gathering of yourself and your fellow list honorees and alumni’, as the Forbes mail states. In addition, Chowdhary received a Forbes badge with which he can sign his e-mails and website.

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