Robird is flying in Canada

| Michaela Nesvarova

The Robird will now be used at the Edmonton International Airport in Canada. This is a big step for Clear Flight Solutions, the company behind Robird and a UT spin-off, as the Edmonton Airport will be the very first airport in the world to use their robotic bird on a daily basis.

The Robird is a remotely controlled robotic bird with highly realistic appearance of a living falcon. Because the Robird looks and behaves like an actual bird of prey, it offers innovative possibilities for bird control, for example at airports, where birds often cause damage and accidents.

Robirds produced by Clear Flight Solutions have already been used at various places, but the Edmonton Airport in Canada will the first location where the robot will be deployed daily. The Robird’s use at this major Canadian airport will begin at the end of May. It will be part of a large drone project at Edmonton Airport, which includes using drones to observe wildlife, inspect buildings and take 3D measurements.

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