UT supports call against travel ban

| Ton Fiselier

The UT backs the European Universities Association’s call to repeal the travel ban, which was ordered by Donald Trump and impacts citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. ‘Our community must a be a hospitable one,’ says UT rector Thom Palstra.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

In his official reply regarding the travel ban, rector Thom Palstra references his inaugural speech: ‘Universities operate in a global playing field and receive people from all over the world. I am convinced that this international atmosphere enriches the local and regional community. In a time when nations and superpowers tend to hide themselves behind their own borders, we should show openness and willingness to cooperate. In other words: our community must be a hospitable one.’

The UT community

Earlier this week, UT Nieuws wrote about the impact of the American travel ban on researchers within the academic community. Because of Trump’s executive order, UT researchers Sajjad Rahimi and Morteza Karimzadeh will probably not be able to attend important scientific conferences, and the Iranian PhD candidate Davood Baratian might miss the opportunity to conduct research at MIT.

European Universities Association

According to the EUA, Trump’s executive order to ban people from countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Somalia from entering the U.S. has far-reaching consequences for the academic community: ‘The order, temporarily preventing entrance into the US of persons from seven Muslim-majority countries, unfairly disrupts not only individual lives but is potentially damaging to the free flow of people and ideas that is paramount in higher education and research.’

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