Food, drinks and entertainment from all over the world

| Robin van Emmerloot

Although it may sound like an event hosted at a typical student house; do not be fooled. Last night the first ever ‘Global Food Fair’ was hosted in the Bastille. Ranging from typical Dutch delicacies to exotic Indian curry, visitors were sure to find a meal fitting their taste.

‘Well, everyone loves food!’, smiles Meilani Halim, member of the Global Lounge committee. And it’s hard to say she’s exaggerating; over 500 people signed up on their Facebook page beforehand. ‘We promote globalisation and internationalisation’, Halim says of her committee and the event.


During the 'Global Food Fair' the Atrium was the place to be to sample some of the most varying foodstuffs and drinks in the world. ‘Different foods and recipes are some of the best characteristics of a culture’, Halim explains her choice for this type of event. Therefore, they cooperated with some of the different student associations on campus to get the event into shape. For example, La Voz, the Latin American association, provided Mexican food and a ‘Country Pop Quiz’ during the evening.

The Global Lounge committee is a committee of the Student Union. ‘We also organize ongoing culture nights’, Halim explains. ‘During these culture nights we let different students from different cultures host the night.’

At the moment the Global Lounge committee is looking for additional members.

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