Freshfaced freshmen; Who are the new UT students?

| Ton Fiselier

The Kick-In has kicked off. Who are the new students who flock to the campus? Where are they from and what are their expectations?

Name: Tristan Charrier

Age: 18

From: Samois-sur-Seine, France

Course: Industrial Design

Expectations: ‘I expect to have loads of fun this year, but also to do a lot of learning. One of the things I’m also looking forward to is to start doing some weightlifting in the Sportcentrum.’

Why Enschede: ‘The course looked really interesting and the campus looks great. It has a real American style, it is a bit like its own village.’

Room: ‘Check, I’ve got a room on campus.’

Name: Diana Usmanova

Age: 19

From: ‘I was born in Moscow, but I grew up in Essen, Germany.’

Course: Psychology

Expectations: ‘I’m very excited about the course and I can’t wait to start. Meeting new people is also something that I am looking forward to.’

Why Enschede: ‘In Germany your high school grades are very important if you want to get into a psychology program, but over here they don’t matter as much. Enschede is also relatively close, and The Netherlands has a cycling culture, which I really like.’

Room: ‘Right now, I am living in Gronau, but I’d prefer to live in Enschede itself. So, if someone knows a free room, let me know!’

Name: Thibault Trentesaux

Age: 18

From: Cély-en-Biere, France

Course: Electrical Engineering

Expectations: ‘Lots of parties, and I am looking forward to start my courses.’

Why Enschede: ‘Well, studying in the Netherlands is a lot less expensive than in France, and the mentality of the people here suits me better. Everyone’s open and friendly.’

Room: ‘I fortunately already have found a room.’

Name: Kevin Rafael Indrawijaya

Age: 18

From: Sukabumi, Indonesia

Course: Creative Technology

Expectations: ‘A fun year in a completely new environment, and meeting a lot of new people.’

Why Enschede: ‘Simple, the program. Creative Technology is not something that you can study in Indonesia, and I am very much looking forward to the hands-on approach that this course has.’

Room: ‘Yes.’

Name: Alexander Jacqot

Age: 17

From: Fontainbleau, France

Course: Electrical Engineering

Expectations: ‘I hope to have a lot of new experiences. Living alone is going to be cool, and I hope to prove myself on both an academic and physical level. I’m looking forward to work on my courses and do some sports like CrossFit and weightlifting.’

Why Enschede: ‘Enschede has all the things a large city has, but it feels a bit like a village. I’m not a big fan of big cities, so Enschede is the best of both worlds.’

Room:‘Yes, I’m have a room on campus.’

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