Interesting, entertaining and exhausting

| Michaela Nesvarova

Today is the last day of the first edition of CuriousU. This unique summer school in festival style, organized at the UT campus, welcomed 180 participants of 28 nationalities from all over the world. How did they enjoy their week at the University of Twente and is there anything they would change about the experience?

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

´I love it, I love it, I love it!´ says Lucas Steinle, who came to CuriousU all the way from Brazil. ´I enjoyed the cultural exchange, sharing our experience of how we see the world. Especially during the Smart Cities track, which I followed. It was great to hear a lot of different ideas on how to solve problems in this area, adding a human touch - as you say here - to the engineering side, which I normally focus on.´

Strange lunches and no time for sports

´It´s my first time in Europe,´ says Chong Pohan from China. ´I want to study in the Netherlands in the future and thanks to this visit I know that the country is even better than I expected. I really liked the summer school. There were many activities and people are friendly. Although, you could have some more delicious food here next year. Like Chinese food.´

He wasn´t the only one to mention the local food. ´I enjoyed the experience overall, but it was interesting to see that Dutch people eat the same type of food for breakfast and for lunch. I´m not used to that,´ adds Steinle. ´I also love the Sports centre here at the campus, but unfortunately I don´t have time to use it very much.´

The lunch menu and the lack of free time for relaxation or sports seem to be the most common complaints among the otherwise very enthusiastic participants. ´We were just talking about going to play tennis, but there isn´t any time. It can be intense, but overall I really liked it here,´ says Carlijn Vis.

Busy schedule

´I personally didn´t mind the busy schedule, but it might seem like a bit of an overkill to some of the students. Courses are mandatory and there isn´t a lot of free time,´ thinks Dan Ionita, who comes from Romania, but is now a PhD candidate at the UT. And as it is almost traditional among UT students, he also plans to start his own business: ´I decided to join because of the EntrepreneurialU track. Most people here want to start their own company, but they have no idea how. This was a great way to learn. However, I found out about CuriousU by accident and I know a lot of PhD´s, who would like it but didn´t know about it at all, so it might be a good idea to inform them better next year. In any case, I enjoyed the whole festival theme. The organizers really made it work.´

A fellow UT student, Arturo Perez Rivera from Honduras, agrees: ´I think this summer school was very interesting, entertaining, but also exhausting.´

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