A space for stimulating integration

| Marly Bergen

After the July exams, the Bastille building will undergo renovation for the so-called Global Lounge.The purpose of this room, which will be located behind the service desk, is to stimulate integration between national and international students.

Sophie Ligtenstein of the Student Union explains: "The Global Lounge is set out to be a comfortable space where both national and international students feel at home. That's why we have opted for a neutral, yet cosy interior. We will place corner sofas on the sides with a big globe lamp in the middle to light the room. The lounge will be surrounded by curtains, so the space can be closed off for meetings, for instance.


"Students can play a game or two here, but they can also decide to have a meeting for study trips, or organise a workshop. More important is that all activities share an international character. It is also possible to reserve a part of the Global Lounge. "Downstairs we have a long table which can be reserved for internationally related activities while many other activities can take place upstairs."

Start renovation

Renovation starts after the exams in July. It must be ready before the kick-in. "We are currently in the process of designing, structuring and shaping the project. We also promote the project by means of newsletters to study societies. For us, the room would be a success if people enjoy being there and start visiting and organising activities on a regular basis.


"We purposely chose not to locate the lounge near any study society, because the lounge should be accessible for everybody. Many students who are part of a study society come together through their study societies, but this space is intended for approaching individual students."

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