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By 2018, English will be the UT's language of communication. Thus the 2015-2020 Internationalization Vision. This vision forms part of the Vision2020 strategy document, which details the UT's objectives of becoming excellent and entrepreneurial, but also 'heavily oriented towards the international arena'.

The vision lists a number of ambitions that need to be met to realize the UT objectives: All departments and programmes need to prepare their students to work in an international environment, and the annual number of foreign students enrolling for a master's programme at the UT needs to increase to 640.

In practice, this means that all bachelor's programmes will have to be taught in English by 2020. The master's programmes will already make the switch in the next academic year. In addition, all students are required to gain international experience, while the Campus needs to be better able to accommodate international students and staff.

Staff members

All staff members are to personally endeavour to help increase the annual inflow of master's students from 300 to 640: in the end, one international student needs to enrol for each member of staff. Starting in 2016, all teaching staff are required to venture abroad once every five years and teach at a foreign institute for a period of one week. This requirement not only aids the staff member's international orientation, but could also strengthen international ties and contribute to the UT's international profile.

Remove barriers

So as to remove all language barriers for international students, the Executive Board has decided that, by 2018, English will become the UT's language of communication. A separate action plan will be developed to prepare the scientific and support staff accordingly. At the same time, the UT will also adjust its human resources management.

Meeting place

In addition, the vision states that the Campus is to become a 'lively environment' that is inviting to all UT staff and students. To help facilitate this, all international students will be informed about matters like the examination regulations during a short introductory course. In addition, the Executive Board has asked the Student Union to establish an international meeting place on campus and to encourage international students to make use of all the sports and cultural facilities on offer.

The internationalization vision will be discussed with the University Council on Wednesday, 11 February.

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