PhD's: plagiarism vs. integrity

| Johannes de Vries

You could imagine merrier themes for the annual PhD Day, but apparently that is not the criterion. Being able to have relevant and constructive discussions on the theme, is. That is why the day, organized by P-NUT, is about plagiarism and honesty in science.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

'Research is not only about the quest for answers and the investigation of responses, it is also about the process of coming to answers,' P-NUT writes in a press release on the event. 'Failing to acknowledge the work of others has major repercussions on a scientist´s future career.' There are sufficient recent examples to support this statement.

P-NUT promises to share secrets with the participants on how they can protect themselves from intellectual theft. Also the PhD candidates themselves can tell something about the importance of collaboration in research.

The PhD Day takes place on 3 October, from 13.00. Registering can be done here.

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