Connecting cultural student organizations

| Mathijs de Ruiter

International Student Productions Enschede (InSPE) is a cultural initiative of six students of the University of Twente. Founded in April 2018, InSPE aims to bundle the experience and skills of all the cultural student organizations at the UT, Saxion and ArtEZ, and put it into one big production.

Photo by: Robin van Emmerloot

The rock-opera show Jesus Christ Superstar organized last year was the inspiration to start the foundation. After the successful course of the show, Wouter Bos, Alina Ritter and Kaspar de Kruiff wanted to continue with connecting various cultural disciplines and let students perform in one big show. Bos: ‘With InSPE, we want to strive for continuity in the collaboration between the cultural associations. This co-operations offers space for new ideas and students of different cultural disciplines can learn from each other.’

Students who want to perform in front of an audience together with other arts disciplines can be part of the show on the 28th, 29th and 30th of April 2019. InSPE expects around 1400 visitors during the show. To guarantee a seat for every visitor, the organization will probably make use of the Rabotheater in Hengelo. To be part of the performing team, students can audition for the various cultural elements of the show, like dancing, acting and singing. A big reveal party will be held this Friday in the Vestingbar after the official announcement of the show.

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