‘It feels weird to say, but I’m getting rich’

| Rense Kuipers

In this series, Through the Looking Glass, photographer Annabel Jeuring stops by at student houses to portray students in their current, isolated reality. This sixth episode: Anubrata Bhowmick, MSc student of Computer Science.

Photo by: Annabel Jeuring

‘To be honest, things haven’t changed that much for me. Online education is the only challenge I’m facing. I like making new friends and interacting with teachers and fellow students, so that’s the part I miss, now all buildings on campus are basically closed. I live at the Calslaan and I try to go out for a walk every evening. Seeing other students walking or running, or lying in the grass, makes me feel like the campus isn’t completely dead. And while I’m walking, I make sure to call with friends or family back home in India at the same time. It’s the upside of this crisis situation: it feels like we have more time to connect with each other.

I don’t have too many classes, so I’ve figured out a routine to keep myself occupied. I get up at 5am; I believe that starting early is good for you. After meditating for fifteen minutes, I’m day trading for a few hours. Business is going quite well! Market is taking an upturn as the crisis is slowly decreasing, and the right decisions during the extreme crisis situations are yielding a positive result. It feels weird to say, but I’m getting rich in these crisis times. After my breakfast at around 7:30am, I’m studying the entire morning and in the evenings. In the afternoon, I take time for some series on Netflix, like Money Heist and Shark Tank.

This whole situation does make me think: before you know it, life can be over. One thing I want to do differently after this crisis, is to live more in the moment. To travel more, and enjoy the little things in life.’