Episode 6: Shepherd's Pie

| Rianne Hagen

One look outside and you know it's time for a proper winter dish! In this sixth episode, our cooking vlogger Rianne shows you how to (relatively quickly) make Shepherd's Pie.

Ingredients (serving 4/5 people)

  • 500 gr minced meat
  • 330 ml of stout Beer
  • 500 ml of stock (or actually a 1:1 ratio to your beer, but most cubes are meant for 500ml)
  • 1 onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 small can of tomato puree
  • 4-5 medium carrots
  • 2-3 TS (dried) Rosemary
  • 2-3 TS (dried) Thyme (you can always add more or less but make sure the ratio of Rosemary to Thyme is about 1:1)
  • 2 bayleaves
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil
  • 3-4 TBS Flour
  • Worcestershire sauce (few drops)
  • A bag of frozen peas (500 grams)
  • 1,5-2 kg potatoes (for mashing – so Kruimig)
  • 50-75 gr of butter
  • 2-3 TS (dried) chives


  1. Preheat your oven to 200-220 degrees
  2. Cut the onion and garlic, grate the carrots (makes for a finer stew)
  3. Wash the potatoes and cut them in slightly smaller pieces – no need to peel them if they are washed thoroughly
  4. Put the potatoes in a pan with cold water
  5. Fry the meat (and season with salt and pepper) in a pre-heated pan on medium high heat until it has browned
  6. Start boiling the potatoes -  as soon as it reaches boiling point they take about 15 minutes, but check with a fork
  7. Add the onion and garlic and fry until the onion is translucent
  8. Add the carrot and fry for a few minutes
  9. Add the flour and fry for a minute, until no (white specs of) flour is visible anymore
  10. Add the beer, stock, bayleaf, thyme and rosemary and let it stew for 10-15 minutes
  11. In the meanwhile, cook the peas
  12. Mash the potatoes with the butter and chives, season with salt and pepper
  13. Remove the bayleaf from the stew
  14. Assemble the Shepherds pie: first add the stew, then the peas and top with the mash
  15. Bake your pie for 15-10 minutes, until the mash is golden on the top
  16. Serve with some additional stout beers
  17. Bon appétit!

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