Ravelijn: no pizza, no pasta (yet)

| Michaela Nesvarova

New academic year, new caterer. Since the summer, all on-campus catering is provided by Appèl. The company’s FoodCity concept brings many different food stations to the university, all freshly refurbished and unique in their offer. We decided to try them all. Today we will cast our critical eye on the Ravelijn.

Photo by: Yvon Gankema

Even though the cafeteria in the Ravelijn now carries the name ‘The Taste of Italy’, we couldn’t taste much Italy when we visited. Of the advertised ‘pizzas, pasta and paninis’, only the paninis are currently available in the restaurant, because the oven hasn’t been working. Shame, but let’s move on. Like most of the people who buy their lunch here. Almost nobody is staying to eat their meal at the provided tables. Everyone is rushing away instead. Hard to say why.

For such a tiny cafeteria, the selection is quite okay and will only improve once the oven starts doing its job again. For now, you can choose from a few sandwiches, pre-packed salads and the aforementioned paninis. Soup is served only twice a week. If it comes to other liquids, the choice of drinks is limited to small cups with juice, Italian lemonades, mineral waters and naturally coffee.


Samara Mercado, Master’s student

‘I like the new design and that they have more vegetarian options. It is a bit more expensive but the food tastes good. I haven’t seen them serve any pizzas or pastas, though. There is a flyer for “make your own calzone” but there is no price on it.’

Maarten Renkema, PhD researcher

‘I usually don’t eat here, I’m used to bringing my own lunches. It is a bit too expensive. The coffee is better than it used to be, but it is more expensive too.’

Jana Westermann, Bachelor student

‘I’m new here, so I haven’t tried that much. The offer is okay, but there could be more vegan options. The food is good but a bit expensive, especially for students. I was at a different university where they had different food prices for people who ate there every day, that might be a good idea here too.’

We tasted one of the more Italian breads on offer, a brie panini paired with an Italian orange soda, together priced at 5,20 euros. Nothing wrong with it, but also nothing to run back for. Perhaps once the promised pizzas, calzones and pastas come on a menu – there isn’t any menu lying around by the way – the experience of eating in Ravelijn might become more memorable.


Overall score                          ★★★  

Selection                            ☆☆☆

Taste                                   ☆☆☆

Value for money                ☆☆☆

Atmosphere                       ☆☆

Speed                                  ☆☆☆☆


Why go: reasonably good selection, fast service, no long lines

Why not go: no warm meals (at the moment), limited selection of drinks

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