Ten percent UT employees do not register their leave

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Approximately ten percent of UT employees do not report their leave through the MyHR system, as reported by the HR department in an email to managers. Not registering those hours ‘creates a reservoir’ of accrued leave, which has financial implications for the UT.

All UT employees are required to request and register leave through MyHR. In practice, ten percent of staff fail to do so. HR also notices that 'reservoirs of accrued leave arise' and that outstanding holiday hours at the end of employment are more often being paid out than used. In 2022, this amounted to an average of 70 hours per employee, accounting for a total of almost €1.7 million.

The aforementioned causes the UT’s leave records to be incomplete, which results in an inadequate picture of whether – and how much – leave staff take. It also implies that the remaining balance of holiday hours from MyHR is automatically paid out upon leaving employment. This can be (way) too much if there is no or poor record-keeping. As a result, the mandatory reserve that the UT has to keep for accrued but untaken leave has increased considerably since 2020.

HR asks managers to check whether employees register their leave through MyHR and to address this if that’s not the case.

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